Yung Life - Isn't This

Do you miss the 80's uplifting, unworried and easy pop? Well; here, take this. "Isn't This" honors the band's name, "Yung Life", by being a young song, because that is what it is. It really makes you wanna jump on your bed hoping to touch the sun, or just hoping not to break the bed's springs. Listen, enjoy, and grab a free copy! Isn't this great?


Field Report - Taking Alcatraz

Field Report is the project of Chris Porterfield (notice the anagram), former member of DeYarmond Edison, where he was a partner of Justin Vernon. This I had to say because this lovely song, Taking Alcatraz, has some obvious similarities with Bon Iver's works and that's great, actually. Backed by a guitar, the melody flows like a peaceful river stretching through some sunny hills. Well, that was enough poetry for this post; enjoy the track, and this time you can also download it for free!.
  Taking Alcatraz by fieldreport


Dan Deacon - True Thrush

I discovered this song on Domino Records' soundcloud,  and it immediately caught my attention. Everything is so shiny on this piece of music, every little sound sparkles on its own. The melody is not as great as the ambience but it is good enough; on this kind of tunes I often say that they are led by the whole song itself, so it doesn't take a genius melody to make a great track if you combine all the elements the right way. Check it out, then if you like it, buy it here on iTunes.

Dan Deacon - True Thrush by Domino Record Co


The Boy Who Trapped The Sun - Copper Down

So, this is not new music but it's definitely new to me. The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, according to the iTunes Bio, is a Scottish singer/songwriter called Collin MacLeod. And it is great. This could be called dream pop, shiny pop; but let's only say pop, just to widen our range. He released the album Fireplace on 2010 through the label Geffen and well, I just noticed him. Buy his songs on iTunes, or check out his Soundcloud and Myspace for more music.

Copper Down by Boy Who Trapped The Sun


Milo Greene - 1957

This song is taken from Milo Greene's first self-titled LP to be released next week. 1957 is full of optimism and nice vibes, sounds like a lot of things put together, every element fitting quite right in its place. Preorder the album here, or listen to another two tracks on their soundcloud.

1957 by Atlantic Records


Apparatjik ft. Lowell - Shake Him Off

Apparatjik is a kind of a project made up by Magne F (a-ha), Guy Berryman (Coldplay), and Jonas Bjerre (MEW); produced by Martin Terefe. They'd been making weird electronic pop, but now it seems they decided to go on a more easy-listening direction. They teamed up with canadian singer Lowell to make an EP called "If You Can, Solve This Jumble" and it sounds great! "Shake Him Off" if the first song taken from this release and it's danceable, catchy, sexy... quite nice for me. Oh, and it's a free download, so go ahead and grab a copy for your iPod.
  Apparatjik presents Lowell, "Shake Him Off" by Apparatjik


The Human Fly - Moth

Yesterday I was checking my soundcloud dropbox, when I came across this song. Immediately after listening I went to The Human Fly's bandcamp for more music, and well I was quite amazed. It sounds like Bon Iver mixed with, with... something (guess this is the "fly" part of the name). Here you can get a free download of the whole album "Everything feels bad all at once". And this is "Moth", the song I was sent.